Daily Wrap 01/24/07

Another good day up 1.1%. Green all around with metals and Japan making biggest impact because of their heavy weightings. For the second straight day my big loser was “sure thing” CME short. JCG was up a little too. Its secondary offering prices tomorrow so we’ll see if this drags it down. Also there was an insider filing to sell 500,000 shares. Took a small position in SUNW today at 6.09. The stock jumped 8.6% as the company reported its first quarterly profit in a while. Its probably too early to tell if its poised for a comeback, but it has been an innovative company with new leadership making some strategic changes so I’m in for small punt.

Long: jeq jof lmc auy slw nto nxg hbmff jagnf ffhl egle aob xsi mca tdf kf uahc ff ntlrf sunw
Short: CME, JCG
Cash: 8% (think I got this wrong yesterday)

Trades: added SUNW


something on China copper stocks running down

Hours spent on market: 1.5

Positions most worried about: CME
Positions most sanguine about: metals, Japan
Biggest market worries: ??

Thinking about:
Doing something with CME, but not sure what

Outlook ( up-flat-down surety rating: 1-5 reasoning):
US: up 1
Tech: ??
Japan: up 4.0
China: up 3.5
Silver: up 3, price action, industrial, china demand
Gold: up 3, price action, dollar weakness, china demand
Copper: up 1, china stocks running down
Zinc: up 3, LME warehouse stock declines

Real life: busy, research seems to be progressing
Previous night sleep and exercise: 7 hrs, fitness workout
Mood: calm but a little tired

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